Welcome to St Laurence’s Primary School Dubbo

St Laurence’s school is a Catholic systemic co-educational single stream school located in South Dubbo. Providing an education for Catholic students is our priority. The values instilled by the Sisters of Mercy underpins the work of the school providing the best opportunities for student’s learning and faith development while continuing the Mercy values in the 21st century.

St Laurence’s school is a K-6 Primary school with a deep sense of community and shared vision. Our school motto “Love is the Way” reflects the values that were first shared by the Sisters of Mercy in 1953 when the school opened its doors and welcomed students and their families. We are proud to continue the traditions and teachings of this order as we seek to encompass a model of Christ Centred Learning.

We aim to provide a rich Catholic curriculum and authentic experiences that engage and challenge learners. We believe that in order for us to “to promote a wisdom based society we must go beyond knowledge and educate people to think, evaluating facts in the light of values.“ (Pope Francis 2013)

Professional Learning communities are central to our commitment to provide High Levels of Learning for All. We are committed to creating a culture where collaboration is the key to ensuring quality educational outcomes and consistent staff expectations. Our priorities are to; collaborate, determine essential learnings, develop common agreed assessments that inform the teaching and learning cycle within a systematic framework of school-wide intervention that is timely and sustainable.

Susan Byrnes